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Album: N/A (2011)

Song: Train Wreck

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Freedoom was formed in the spring of 2008 in central NJ by Will and Josh. After about a month of writing, they were introduced to Harrison who joined in on drums. A bass player was found in Angel, an old friend of Will's and Josh's. After two weeks of practice Freedoom started playing shows around the tri-state area and writing new material. In the winter of 2008-2009, Freedoom recorded its first E.P., Anarchy Snail, at Skylab Studios with Dan Skye. As the summer of 2009 approached, Freedoom left for an east coast tour, hitting as far as Ohio and North Carolina. In the middle of the summer of 2009 they recorded four more songs at Skylab Studios but the songs were never formally released. Due to internal differences, Harrison left the band in early September. After a couple months of searching, Freedoom found a temporary replacement in Ad-Rock from Local Demise, and then again in Dan Brown, also of LD. After going through several drummers, Freedoom thought that they had finally found a permanent replacement in their friend Ian. Unfortunately, Ian was and is enlisted in the Air Force and was sent to Qatar a few weeks before Freedoom was set to play a show with D.R.I. They found their current replacement in their old friend, Caleb who had heard of their predicament and offered to play drums for them. They immediately started rehearsing together, and with two weeks practice, were able to play the show. They continued to play shows throughout the summer of 2010 and recorded their second E.P., Trainwreck, at the Patsie House with Dale J. Gordon at the end of July. Tracks from the Train Wreck E.P. were featured on a compilation produced by 8^ records durring the summer of 2010. Freedoom is currently playing shows and working on new material for a full length.

Since its inception Freedoom has recorded two E.P.s and has been featured on one compilation produced by 8^ Records. They have played with such international and national bands as: The Casualties, The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour, The Casting Out (ex Boy Sets Fire), Anal Cunt, Murphy's Law, D.R.I., Mirrors and Wires, Swashbuckle, The Green Goblin Project, The Forum Walters (Austria), The Toasters, and Four Past Midnight (Scotland). They have done one live radio interview in New Brunswick and have been mentioned in the Trentonian, a paper distributed throughout NJ, several times as well as other papers in the area. They have turned down one major record deal due to creative limitations and personal differences with the contract.